Skill Builders

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Skill Builders

Quick and inexpensive classes to help you focus in on a particular skill or technique.  Most are demonstration only with ample time for questions and answers.

Skill Builder: Binding & Blocking

A nicely done binding is the perfect finish to any quilt project, but the binding process can be intimidating if you don’t know the basics. Join Susie and learn some pointers that will help you bind your quilts with nice straight edges and perfectly mitered corners. She will also demonstrate when and why blocking is such an important part of the finishing process.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Wed July 12 ● 1 pm – 5 pm     $25


Skill Builder: Binding with Faux Piping

Want an alternative to hand sewing your binding on? Learn how to do a machine binding technique that gives you a small piping attached to your binding. This binding is all done using your sewing machine. In class, you will spend time cutting your binding strips and then sewing on a practice binding. This binding works great with scrappy quilts.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano ● Sat July 8 ● 1 pm – 4:30 pm     $25




Little Things

Doing a few ‘little things’ differently can help make your quilting less stressful and more fun. In this demonstration workshop Susie covers fabric preparation, tools & equipment, rotary skill improvement, better sewing habits, pressing techniques, using freezer paper and many other helpful tips. Bring your rotary cutter, problem blocks, bad habits & questions and get ready to learn!

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Tues May 30 ● 1 pm – 5 pm     $25


Skill Builder: Squaring Up & Border Things

While this often overlooked (or skipped) step in the quilt making process is probably the least fun part,

squaring up can have a huge impact on both the process and the finished product. Susie will share many of her techniques from squaring simple blocks to squaring up larger quilt projects in preparation for adding the borders. She will present plenty of border application information as well. Bring problems and questions.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Thurs June 22 ● 1 pm – 5 pm    $25



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