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Intro to Quilting: Sampler Quilt

Are you new to quilting?  Maybe you’re not so new, but feel you somehow missed the “basics” when you started out?  Join Lynda for this fun five-week course that covers all the steps in constructing a small quilt top.  You’ll learn how to cut correctly, sew an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance, press and make classic quilt blocks that you’ll sew together into a top and border.  We’ll end with a discussion of the basics of machine quilting and binding your quilt.  You’ll finish with a good understanding of all the steps needed to make a quilt and be ready to take on your next project!

Instructor: Lynda Luiten

Mon June 5, 12, 19, 26 & July 3 ● 1 pm – 3:30 pm OR  5:30 pm – 8 pm     $125


Beginning Machine Quilting

You really can quilt on your home machine! This class will cover the basics of machine quilting including layering & basting, even-feed and free motion quilting. There will be lots of tips and ideas plus plenty of time for practice and play.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Thurs May 18 OR Sat July 15 OR Thurs Aug 10 Ÿ 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $40




Machine Appliqué Catch-Up With Mary Ann

Did you take a machine appliqué class from Mary Ann and still have an unfinished appliqué project? If you need coaching on how to work on or complete your project, come spend the day with Mary Ann. Relearn the machine appliqué steps and have help as needed to progress on your class appliqué project.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano● Wed July 5 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $25


Hand Appliqué with Swan

Let Swan make appliqué easier with a variety of methods and tricks to help you learn what works best for you! Whether you are new to appliqué or simply struggling to make it work, this class is filled with helpful information to guide you towards better points, curves, interlocking pieces, and layering. Students will have the opportunity to use their skills to complete an adorable fox, from Swan’s Fox About Town Pattern.

Instructor: Swan Sheridan ● Thurs May 25 & June 8 ● 1 pm – 4:30 pm    $30



Stained Glass Spectrum

It is pretty amazing what combining pairs of colors and neutrals can do for a design. This lovely, graphic quilt is easily made with straightforward cutting and careful piecing that works for every skill level. The solids in the sample work well but just imagine how wonderful this would look with batiks and even prints. The stained glass effect will be fantastic with whatever fabrics you choose!

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Sat July 22 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



Picky Piecing

Ready to take your piecing to the next level? This is your chance to take a hands-on piecing class with Jean. We will construct five different Star blocks, each using a different piecing skill. Techniques include half-square triangles, partial seams, Y-seams, Flying Geese (two methods), Square-in-a-Square, and quarter-square triangles. You will be amazed at your results – and have fun – in this four-week class!

Instructor: Jean Biddick ● Wed Aug 2, 9, 16 & 23 ● 9:30 am – 12 pm    $75


Scrappy Circles


Do you love to pick up those irresistible fat quarters but then wonder what to do with them? Now you can turn them into this scrappy, graphic quilt by simply sorting them into groups of lights, mediums and darks. Not into scrappy? – No problem. Just pick three fabrics: Your favorite light, medium and dark and get ready to stitch.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Thurs July 6 —● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



To a Tee

To A Tee

Have you been saving those favorite T-shirts but don’t know how to proceed? Let Susie guide you beyond the basics of preparing the shirts for use into designing them into a one-of-a-kind quilt. Frame one special shirt into a wall hanging or group multiple shirts into a larger project.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Thurs July 20 ●Ÿ 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm AND Thurs July 27 Ÿ 9:30 am – 2:30 pm    $45



Four patch posey

Four Patch Posey

Do you love the shifting patterns you see when you look through a kaleidoscope? Get the same effect using a single fabric with this super-simple technique and block. One fabric quickly turns into countless different and beautiful blocks that, when put together, yield an amazing quilt. Join Lynda for a fun day sewing your own unique creation in this longest-running and most popular project class at QM!

Instructors: Lynda Luiten & Bonnie Wilson ● Wed June 14 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $40



Garden Trellis

Do you have a collection of fabrics that you would love to turn into a quilt? How about a jelly roll or two that could be used? Any fabrics that you like can become this fun and graphic quilt. Simple sewing along with trimming and measuring will ensure that you have a happy creation to keep or share.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ●Thurs June 15 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



Gossamer Wings– Foundation Paper Piecing

A class guaranteed to be full of prismatic color as we bring dragonflies to life!  This class would be a great fit for someone new to paper piecing or a zip for someone with experience.  When your project is complete this dragonfly will make a perfect wall hanging or can be transformed easily into a pillow.  Warning: once you start paper piecing you may fall in love with how accurate and easy these projects come together!

Instructor: Meredith Abney ● Sun June 25 —● 11 am – 4 pm    $35


Batiks A Plenty

Gather up your lights and darks to make this absolutely stunning quilt. You will be amazed at how two simple blocks (flying geese, log cabins) and an on-point setting result in such a lovely design.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Fri July 14 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35




Quilt Lab With Kathie

Come spend the day experimenting with what fabulous quilt patterns you can create starting with one easily made block, straightforward cutting and the freedom to move pieces around to discover a totally new design. Play with the possibilities that result from secondary patterns and the interplay of color and set. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Wed July 26 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



Scrap Crazy: Sawmill

Are you ready to play with more fabric and make a different version of a Scrap Crazy quilt? In class you will learn how to use the Creative Grid Scrap Crazy 6-inch block ruler set, how to piece the scrap crazy block, and how to put your blocks together to make the quilt top. Warning: Making the scrap crazy quilts will become an addiction.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano Ÿ● Sat Jun 17Ÿ ● 9:30 am – 4:30 pm    $40



Split Decision

Gather up various shades, values and prints of your two favorite color groups, or perhaps a collection of brights and neutrals, and get ready to play. Simple cutting and stitching with a twist – a little bit of curved, yet easy, piecing. This snappy quilt is a sure winner!

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Wed May 31 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm     $35




“BQ 5” is the newest in the “BQ” line of patterns. Show off some special fabric, (one fabric or many), in a striking setting. The pattern offers several very different effects, based on your fabrics and layout. The best part? NO triangles, NO points, and practically NO matching seams! With some pre-cutting, you might even get the entire top done in class!

Instructor: Maria Barr Ÿ● Fri June 30 Ÿ●b9:30 am – 4:30 pm    $35


Taste of Bargello

With bargello quilts becoming more popular, here’s your chance to explore the basics of a ‘real’ bargello. This fast-paced day of color placement, strip set construction and simple bargello design principles can provide instant rewards and lead to magnificent projects in your quilting future. Susie has oodles of ideas to share, from wall hangings – to table runners – to BIG projects. You’ll be working on a small bargello design in class, suitable for a pillow, tote bag or other small item.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Thurs Aug 31 ● 9:30 am – 4:30 pm    $40


Organic Machine Quilting

In this class, students will learn to expand their free motion quilting skills. Class will focus on using the three basic elements of free motion (lines, curves, and circles) to build a variety of designs. Prepare to take on the exciting world of modern machine quilting with a variety of simple techniques that will open the box to expanded concepts of machine quilting.

Instructor: Swan Sheridan Ÿ● Thurs Aug 3 Ÿ● 9:30 am – 2:30 pm     $35


Divide & Conquer Quilting

This class is a beautiful follow up to Swan’s Organic Machine Quilting class. Building on the skills students have already gained with making a variety of quilting shapes, students learn the how to break up a quilting space and use foundational elements to create quilting frameworks. Class focuses on students trying several foundation techniques for free motion quilting and then building a plan for a sample project they will work on in class.

Instructor: Swan Sheridan ● Thurs Aug 24 ● 9:30 am – 2:30 pm     $35



Collage Fun at Its Finest

Ohhh, what fun – a collage class using Laura Heine’s collage patterns!  Laura’s patterns have won numerous awards and now you can create your own “one-of-a-kind” collage with the pallette and fabrics you love.  Choose a pattern and bring your imagination!  Discover the artist in you as we explore color fusion, what colors work well and why and color value and placement.


The Seahorse and the Bunny are just two examples of the fun you can have – we have many more patterns to choose from. Watch your masterpiece come alive as you learn the fusing technique and how to use color effectively.  Looking for the perfect fabrics will allow you to put creativity on the front burner…and sizzle!  Gail will help you with all aspects of this great project, but beware – you won’t want to make just one!

Instructor: Gail Shannon ● Fri May 19 ● 10 am – 4 pm OR Sun July 16 & 23 ● 11 am – 3 pm  OR Fri Aug 11 ● 10 am – 4 pm     $40




This quilt has lots of movement made possible using only one simple block. All you need are four wonderful fabrics in two contrasting color families. A little shifting and twisting when you place your blocks will result in a quilt that is just perfect.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Sat Aug 19 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm     $35



Miter Madness

“if you knew Susie . . . .”, you would know she loves to match things and miter corners . . . here’s your chance to sample the techniques she uses to simplify multiple-fabric mitered corners with “matchy” places. What a great way to frame a single special block (one of your machine embroidered masterpieces, perhaps?) or take advantage of the many beautiful fabrics available to make a unique wall-hanging. This technique can be used when adding multiple borders to your larger quilts so why not get it figured out on a smaller project that you can finish.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Mon Aug 7 ● 9:30 am – 4: 30 pm    $40



Log Jam: MORE Fun With BlocLoc

We’ve been huge fans of Bloc-Loc rulers for a long time because they make sewing basic quilt units simple, fun and foolproof!  They’ve done it again  with ANOTHER wonderful new ruler – this time to make Log Cabin blocks, and you’ll be amazed how simple it is to create a PERFECT log cabin block with this easy to use tool!   In class you’ll learn how to use the Bloc Loc tool to make a classic log cabin block, plus some techniques for making some fun variations, and begin work on your own Log Cabin quilt.  Kits will be available to make a quilt like ours, or choose your own special colorway to built your own stunning Log Cabin!

Instructors: Lynda Luiten & Bonnie Wilson ● Sat June 24 — 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



Magic Diamond Rings

Magic happens when two blocks, both stitched with nothing but straight seams, combine to create curves. With the contrasts between dark and light fabrics, you may see circles, rings, propellers, diamonds or just glorious colors as your quilt grows. Make it scrappy or keep it simple, the choice is yours!

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Thurs June 29 —● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35


Bundle of Ten

“Bundle of Ten” is fun and simple to make. Whether you are a newer or a more experienced quilter, this quilt lets you explore and play with the effect of random color selection. It is a great way to show off some fat quarters that just want to be used together. There are several layout options- and very little stress.

Instructor: Maria Barr ● Fri May 5 OR Fri Aug 25 ● 9:30 am – 4:30 pm   $35



One Block Wonder
Jean Biddick

One Block Wonder

The ever-changing patterns seen with a kaleidoscope are like magic! Create a little magic of your own when you make a One Block Wonder quilt. Just one fabric is cut into groups of 6 or 8 wedges – and the results will astound you. We will spend the first class cutting the fabric and learning to sew the blocks.

The second class will be all about using the sewn blocks to design your one-of-a-kind quilt.

Instructor: Jean Biddick ● Mon June 26 & July 10 ● 9:30 am – 12:30 pm     $45



Skill Builder: Binding & Blocking

A nicely done binding is the perfect finish to any quilt project, but the binding process can be intimidating if you don’t know the basics. Join Susie and learn some pointers that will help you bind your quilts with nice straight edges and perfectly mitered corners. She will also demonstrate when and why blocking is such an important part of the finishing process.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Wed July 12 ● 1 pm – 5 pm     $25



Skill Builder: Binding with Faux Piping

Want an alternative to hand sewing your binding on? Learn how to do a machine binding technique that gives you a small piping attached to your binding. This binding is all done using your sewing machine. In class, you will spend time cutting your binding strips and then sewing on a practice binding. This binding works great with scrappy quilts.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano ● Sat July 8 ● 1 pm – 4:30 pm    $25



Skill Builder: Little Things

Doing a few ‘little things’ differently can help make your quilting less stressful and more fun. In this demonstration workshop Susie covers fabric preparation, tools & equipment, rotary skill improvement, better sewing habits, pressing techniques, using freezer paper and many other helpful tips. Bring your rotary cutter, problem blocks, bad habits & questions and get ready to learn!

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Tues May 30 ● 1 pm – 5 pm    $25



Skill Builder: Squaring Up & Border Things

While this often overlooked (or skipped) step in the quilt making process is probably the least fun part,

squaring up can have a huge impact on both the process and the finished product. Susie will share many of her techniques from squaring simple blocks to squaring up larger quilt projects in preparation for adding the borders. She will present plenty of border application information as well. Bring problems and questions.

Instructor: Susie Weaver ● Thurs June 22 ● 1 pm – 5 pm     $25



Patriotic Table Runner & Pillow

Want some help in getting ready to decorate for the patriotic holidays, such as Flag Day and 4th of July? This table runner and pillow set is just what you need to add that patriotic touch. Come learn basic machine appliqué skills and practice appliqué stitches.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano ● Thurs June 1 ● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm    $35



Chicks with Hattitude

This kit will bring an introduction to fusible appliqué to you. Not only fun, but a project quickly completed, too, as it is fused only – no top stitching! You will want to create these as gifts for your friends. Come join us for this technique class. Some of you will complete this cute wall hanging…or you can make it as a runner.

Instructor: Gail Shannon ● Fri May 26 ● 10 am – 12 pm   $20



Japanese Sashiko Sampler

The Japanese Sashiko Sampler brings the beauty of Sashiko, the hand embroidery method, to this class. Those who have taken the class are amazed at the relaxing spirit this ancient craft brings. It is the perfect 20” x 20” summer project to work on while relaxing in your favorite chair. Please join us for this Zen-like day. We’ll have everything in a kit for your ease.

Instructor: Gail Shannon ● Fri June 16 ● 10 am – 2 pm    $30



Sonoran High-Rise

Did you buy The Quilter’s Market row by row laser cut kit and need help with starting this project?

Come learn the steps for basic machine appliqué. In class, you will learn to fuse your laser cut pieces

and practice machine appliqué stitches.

Instructor: Mary Ann Solano ● Wed June 28 ● 9:30 am – 4:30 pm     $35




Nine Quarter Bag

This is a really useful (and big!) tote bag designed as an excuse to use those fat quarters that keep calling! Whether it is a new line you can’t resist, or treasures from your stash, use your favorite fabrics and color combinations and make a great new bag – for yourself or as a gift. In two sizes, with lots of pockets and as much or as little structure as you want, the Nine Quarter Bag is fun and easy – but it is hard to stop at one . .

Instructor: Maria Barr  Fri July 28  9:30 am – 4:30 pm    $30



No Sew Basket

A perennial QM favorite! Learn a classic technique to make a basket. This project is based upon weaving wrapped fiber, and once the technique is mastered can be applied to many shapes. It’s easy, fun, relaxing and a very portable project.

Instructor: Lynda Riell ● Sat May 13 OR Wed Aug 9 ● 1 pm – 4 pm     $15



Beginning Watercolor for Quilters

In this class, students will learn to use Derwent’s Inktense blocks and pencils to create a dry watercolor image. Using water and fabric medium, we will then transform the dry image into a permanent watercolor. Suitable for creating backgrounds, applique cutouts, personalized fabric, or complete images, this method is simple and accessible. Swan takes the fear out of fabric painting and allows the artist in every quilter to surface with this simple technique.

Instructor: Swan Sheridan ● Sat June 10 Ÿ● 1 pm – 4 pm    $25




Four Sided Placemat

Tired of washing your placemats after one or two uses? These four-sided placemats are for you! Choose four different fabrics that you love – fat quarters are dandy – and create these unique and fun mats for yourself or a friend.

Instructor: Lynda Riell ● Sat July 1 ● 1 pm – 4:30pm    $15



Creative Label Making

Spend a day with Swan and learn a variety of label making methods, using appliqué, Inktense, archival markers, and more! You will take home loads of information on how to make your own label a special work of art to accent your quilt, as well as the specific details every quilt label should have. Take the opportunity to bring a quilt of your own to share with the class, so we can help you brainstorm a title and label style to suit your work.

Instructor: Swan Sheridan ● Sat Aug 5 ● 1 pm – 4:30 pm     $25



Wrap It Up With Kathie

Did you start a quilt in one of Kathie’s classes and it is just sitting around in pieces? Wish you could remember what went next? Come for a sew-in and get your project wrapped up. Kathie will be there to offer whatever help is needed.

Instructor: Kathie Miller ● Sat July 29 —● 9:30 am – 3:30 pm  $40




























































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