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BlockBusters X – “Shades of Gray”

Our TENTH round of BlockBusters Block of the Month started in April – but you can join anytime – ask us for details !  BlockBusters is a Quilter’s Market style Block of the Month – meaning our focus is on fun and learning – and that you are able to explore your creativity in a low-risk/low-cost way.  The blocks are easy enough for beginners, but will become a little more challenging as the year progresses to keep things interesting.

Here are the details:

First Saturday of each month:   · 9:15 am, 10:15 am or 11:15 am.  

$3.00 to join – you will receive a pattern for a 12″ block plus two cuts  of fabric, each

12″ x 10″. You take these home and make the block, adding from your own stash to complete it.  Bring the completed block back to the next month’s meeting and receive the next set for free!  The process continues until all twelve months are over and you will receive a finishing pattern for a basic layout in the final month.

If you have to miss a month or don’t get your block done, no problem – $3 will get you “rebooted” with the next block and on your way.

But – there’s more!  You can WIN with BlockBusters, too!  If you finish your block and drop it off at the shop a week ahead, we’ll display it in our classroom (not for critiquing – only enjoying!) – then, when you come to the BBX meeting and pick up your block we’ll put your name  in a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate.

So, if you finish your block every month and attend a BlockBusters demo each month, you could get twelve patterns and 24 cuts of fabric for $3.00!  And maybe win a Gift Card!  Plus, you will end up with twelve blocks that are uniquely yours that you can set into a quilt top.

 It’s fun – it’s creative – it’s a great learning experience – come join us!