BlockBusters X is starting now! Come join the fun!

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Hyde’s BlockBusters X Block 1
Hyde’s Alternate Block
Audrey’s Block 1
Susan M’s Block 1
Mary’s Block 1
Mary’s alternate block
Sue’s Block 1



Lynnie’s alternate block
Lynnie’s Block 1
Susan B’s block !
Susan B’s alternate block
Cindy’s Block 1
Cindy’s alternate block
Bonnie’s Block 1
Patty’s Block 1
Maria’s Block 1
Maria’s alternate block

Our tenth year of BlockBusters is beginning now – and we’d love to have you join in. Here’s what the staff did for their first blocks!

Presenting the staff BlockBusters 9 finished quilts!

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Look what the gals at The Market did with their BlockBusters 9 blocks!  They all started with the same block patterns and the same two “starter” fabrics each month, but as you can see they ended up vastly different from each other.  If you  participated in BB9 we hope you’ll share your quilt – or placemats – or tote bags – or whatever you do with them – with us!  If you haven’t done BlockBusters before, it’s not too late to join in with BlockBusters X.  Stop by or call us for details!

Lynnie’s Block Buster 9 quilt – 15″ square!
Mary made these adorable placemats with her 12″ blocks!
Hyde, the newest member of the TQM staff, finished her quilt up to join in the fun. She used a different flower fabric in each block!
Cindy floated her colorful blocks on a beautiful batik. We love the 3-D effect!
Mary made these little modern versions of the 6″ blocks – yes, the patterns are the same as everyone else’s! Love the setting – she used a “Pass the Cranberry” strip set for the striped blocks (available at TQM).
Lynda went scrap-happy and dug into her Kaffe stash to make her blocks!
Susan B incorporated both her 6″ and 12″ blocks in her warm and colorful BB9 quilt. Love the striped sashing – it adds another layer of texture!
Little Monsters meet Spots and Dots in Susan M’s adorable BB9 quilt! The bright blue in the sashing really makes the colors pop.
Patty endeavored to not make her blocks look like stars as she planned her colors – but then she quilted it with – guess what – STARS!
Sue made a stunning and happy quilt by adding Kaffe Paperweight fabrics in 12 different colorways to her starter fabrics. So crisp and colorful!
Maria found this PERFECT tropical border for her quilt – and look what she did to make the 6″ blocks fit with the 12″ blocks. So happy!
We love this modern, artsy interpretation of BB9 by Bonnie. So her – a fun layout and deft use of interesting grays for the background.

Moda Sampler Block Shuffle – the last three blocks!

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Here are the final blocks for the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle.  Thank you for your patience with me in getting these posted!  Jean has made her blocks faithfully all along, and here are hers for this installment.  Aren’t they cute???  You might notice that her #30 looks a tad different from the pattern.  She’s a world class piecer, and although she’s also an accomplished appliquer, it’s not her favorite so she just repeated Block #4…which is ok – that’s the fun thing about this project – you can do whatever you want whenever you want!  We’ve got the setting fabrics ready to start putting ours together – watch for pictures of that coming soon – as well of more of Jean’s fun little blocks!my_sampler-shuffle-block28asmy_sampler-shuffle-block29asmy_sampler-shuffle-block30asmsbs 28 msbs 29 msbs 30 sub