The Quilter’s Market brings family tradition, friendship, and community together through craft and creativity.

Locally owned for over 15 years, The Quilter’s Market began as a labor of love. It is now the embodiment of a dream come true for the new owner, Tawnya Freeman.

Our mission is to establish lifelong friendships with our community bringing the love of quilting through classes and bee’s for all ages and skill levels.

Meet Tawnya Freeman

Tawnya fell in love with sewing over 20 years ago when she handcrafted beautiful clothing for her children. However, she was drawn to quilting watching her grandmother and great-grandmother hand quilt family heirlooms. Over the years, she has dabbled in various quilting techniques such as paper piecing, applique, traditional piecing, as well as quilting on a domestic and long-arm machine. She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge, as well as learning from all of the amazing quilters we have in our community.